Steve Buscemi

10 Facts You May Not Know About 'The Big Lebowski'
Did you know in The Big Lebowski, the word “dude” is spoken 160 times, The Dude himself says “man” 147 times, he drinks nine White Russians and the F-word is said 292 times. Dude, that's f---ing incredible, man. Don't get caught out of your element with more Big…
Steve Buscemi Joins 'The Brady Bunch' in Super Bowl Ad
Snickers has really outdone themselves in the WTF department with their ad for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. In their latest commercial featuring the “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” concept, Danny Trejo takes on the role of Marcia Brady, while Steve Buscemi pl…
Watch This Rare Video of 'Reservoir Dogs' Rehearsals
Fans of Quentin Tarantino were dealt a tough blow yesterday, as the director announced he was canceling his upcoming film, 'The Hateful Eight,' after the script leaked. We can't say we can make up for a lost Tarantino project, but we do have something that Tarantino fans will enjoy. A rare 8-minute …
'Boardwalk Empire' Season 5: HBO Confirms Final Year
We'd heard the rumor earlier, but didn't want to believe it for ourselves. HBO period drama 'Boardwalk Empire' will make the upcoming fifth season its final year, putting the last touches on the story of Steve Buscemi's Nucky Thompson, his associates, and organized crime fro…
SNL Digital Short: Batman!
Steve Buscemi hosted SNL this weekend.
There were some good sketches and some that went way, way too long.  Typical modern SNL.  The Digital Short stuff is normally good for at least a mild chuckle.
The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi. Respected Hollywood actor and owner of a unique set of choppers. Also, he has the distinction (one I was unaware of) of dying in movies. A lot.
After the jump, you can just see how many times/different ways it has gone down.