sick puppies

Rocktagon - Vote Now!
Another battle rages on in The Rocktagon! Listen to these songs and vote for the song you like best. It's Alter Bridge vs. Sick Puppies.
Louna returns to the Rocktagon tonight, to face off against Sick Puppies. Listen to the songs, cast your vote, and find out who wins Friday night during Nocturnal Emissions (This poll closes at 8pm Central).  Vote until then!
New Sick Puppies – Riptide [Videos]
The Australian rock trio SICK PUPPIES gave us a couple great songs ('You're Going Down', 'Odd One' and 'Maybe') from their album Tri-Polar. Well now Sick Puppies are back with a new acoustified (I made up that word) EP called Polar Opposite. It includes unplugged v…
2010: A Year In Rock
With 2010 closed and in the books, we here at 103GBF are looking forward to the new year. A new year of rock, a new year of concerts, a new year of contests and a new year of kicking ass. With all of that said, we can't forget about 2010 too quickly.