Avenged Sevenfold’s Latest Album Hits the Mark
On August 27, Avenged Sevenfold released their latest album, entitled Hail to the King, and it’s their first work without the creative stamp of the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, the band’s original drummer, who died during the production of their previous release, Nightmare...
‘It’s the 90’s!’ A Blast From The Past
By now, my love of the 90's should be no secret. I love the movies, I love the TV, I love the memories (the ones I can still remember) and I definitely love the music. And you can enjoy it too this morning with another rad edition of the 90's at Nine!
Has Seether Caught Bieber Fever?
There is an illness that is spreading across this great nation of ours. It's symptoms include a Rachel Maddow haircut, douchebag dance moves, and singing about girlfriends you dated in middle school. I'm talking about Bieber Fever.