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After 25 Years, ‘Cops’ May Be Ending Its Run
When 'Cops' made it's TV debut, the Kardashians were nothing more than a lawyer's daughters and Snooki was living under a bridge asking three riddles to those who dared to cross. Reality TV was a fairly new concept, and the show the pioneered it may be coming to an end.
WWE Stars From The 80s Take Zumba Class
When I first heard of Zumba and how tons of women loved it, I automatically assumed it was some singer, actor, or athlete. However my girlfriend was nice enough to inform me that it is a type of exercise that involves dancing to pop or dance music...
The Real Housewives of South Boston [NSFW]
Digging through the dreck that is Bravo! programming, you find the uber successful 'Real Housewives of...' franchise.  It's "reality" tv of a bunch of spoiled chicks with no real world perspective arguing over things that are in no way important.
And it gets grea…