Our UFC 174 Predictions Were NOT Good
Ryan and I have been trying a bit of an experiment with our last few UFC prediction videos. The result each time is that we suck at making predictions. See how we did over the weekend.
The Inside Joke Picks Winners for UFC Fight Night 42 [Video]
Alright fight fans, you're in for a another free treat this weekend as the UFC presents Fight Night 42 this Saturday night on Fox Sports 1. My buddy Ryan and I take another stab at predicting the winners.
While the monthly pay-per-views generally produce the "bigger" cards with the "bi…
Bobby's UFC 173 Predictions [Videos]
The next big UFC event is Saturday night with UFC 173 on pay-per-view. So I reckon it's about time I foolishly predict who I think is gonna win. If nothing else, these are good for a laugh.
Bobby and Jeff - UFC 171 Predictions [Video]
UFC 171 is happening on Saturday night on pay-per-view, and it looks like a pretty exciting card. My buddy (and a dude that knows a thing or two about MMA) Jeff Osborne and I are back to give you our predictions for a few of these fights.
Bobby G's Preview and Predictions for UFC 170 [Video]
I figured it was about time I added a bit of credibility to my video - so I asked our local MMA expert, and Hook-N-Shoot creator, Jeff Osborne to join me. This dude knows MMA. Check out our discussion about this weekend's ppv and our picks for some of the fights.
Bobby G's Preview and Predictions for UFC 169 [Video]
UFC 169 is following in the footsteps of the one of the most exciting UFC pay-per-views ever (UFC 168) – but with two title fights and a couple heavyweight monsters on the card, the potential is definitely there. Keep reading (and watching) to see my breakdown of the top three fights on this c…
Slick’s Weekend Picks
There are a couple of professional football games this might have heard about 'em.  I'm about to do my impression of the Bengals Offensive Coordinator and get all predictable!