Will Ferrell Doing the Introductions Prior to Hornets/Bulls
This happened last night and was probably the most entertaining thing to go down in New Orleans. Will Ferrell is on location in the area shooting his next flick (Dog Fight) and was requested to do the intros of the players. He was kind to the hometown Hornets, not so much to the Bulls.
NBA Opening Day Montage
I am a huge sports fan. That is no secret.  However, my unbridled love for sports no longer extends to the NBA. I am kinda 'meh' towards that. Too much coasting during a typically too long regular season (not the case this year...thanks lockout). Honestly, did you even realize they weren't playing professional basketball games in early November? I will watch the postseason because that's when
Hitler Reacts to Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Loss [VIDEO]
The latest edition of the Hitler 'Downfall' Internet meme has the Fuhrer furiously bemoaning the demise of the Miami Heat and its star, LeBron James, who lost the 2011 NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night. Hitler blasts LeBron as "the biggest choke artist since David Carradine" and calls Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra "the most obvious puppet since Mussolini"
Dallas Mavericks…your NBA Champions
They've come a long way from the Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzolino days... Dirk Nowitzki had been a one-man wrecking machine throughout most of the 2011 NBA playoffs. But on the night his Dallas Mavericks clinched their first-ever NBA championship by defeating the Miami Heat 105-95, he had a lot of help from his teammates.

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