Matthew McConaughey

Get Freaky With These 10 ‘Magic Mike’ Facts!
There are a lot of highly complicated moves in Magic Mike. But, despite the degree of difficulty, Channing Tatum never once used a stunt double. All those backflips, grinds and spins were all his moves. Not bad, but when you consider Tatum himself used to be a male stripper, it all makes sense. This is just one of the facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which backs up on ya with Magic Mike.
Let’s Talk About Dr. Mann in ‘Interstellar’
First of all, if you haven’t seen ‘Interstellar,’ well, this is your one and only warning that major spoilers lie ahead. We good? Let’s continue. About three-fourths of the way through ‘Interstellar' -- a movie I mostly think is pretty good -- we finally meet a character that we’ve been hearing about for the entire movie, Dr. Mann.
Wooderson returns in new Butch Walker video for ‘Synthesizers’
If that name in the title doesn't ring a bell, it's the character that launched Matthew McConaughey's career. David Wooderson is arguably the most memorable character from the great flick 'Dazed and Confused' which came out in 1993. If you are fan of GBF, you should be familiar with the film which follows a group of seniors during their last day of high school in the 70's to the next morning. L