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‘Scary Movie 5′ Review
My disdain of the 'Scary Movie' franchise came early. I distinctly recall seeing the 'Scary Movie 2' poster, which featured Kathleen Robertson wearing a t-shirt that says "I See Dead People." This isn't a joke. It's just a reference. It isn't clever, it isn't witty - it's just saying a thi…
Jack White Was the Musical Guest on ‘SNL’
Saturday Night Live was hosted this past week by Lindsay Lohan who, by all accounts, was dreadful.
The show's saving grace came in the form of Jack White of the White Stripes.  He took the stage and was all eclectic and stuff.  He performed two songs(“Love Interruption&CloseCurly…
Just In Time For The Holidays
Struggling for that perfect gift for that person in your life who watches way too much of the E! Network? Jimmy Kimmel may have the answer for you.