Jonah Hill

Seth Rogen's Animated 'Sausage Party' Announces Voice Cast
The last we saw Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah HIll onscreen together was in 'This Is the End,' but the trio won't wait long to reunite as they're already planning one big, R-rated 'Sausage Party.' Yes, it sounds like something one of your bros would say while funneling some PBR at a frat party,…
'The Wolf of Wall Street' Clip
Paramount would have had to release 'The Wolf of Wall Street' in 2014 if not for the speedy skills of director Martin Scorsese and his team. Now the film is set for release on December 25, and the first clip has landed online.
Bobby G’s Trailer Park – ‘The Watch’ [Video]
If I'm not mistaken (which I usually AM), this movie used to be called Neighborhood Watch...but after the whole Trayvon Martin shooting, they decided to change it to just The Watch. I had seen and heard a bit about it...thought it was just another Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill…

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