James Durbin

James Durbin vs. Metallica – Rocktagon
Since James Durbin has been sweeping the week, we decided to put him up against a formidable opponent. Tonight he will face off against new rock from Metallica. Will this end the run, or will he enter the Rocktagon retirement home.
James Durbin vs. Seether- Rocktagon
After pulling off one hell of a win in last night's Rocktagon, James Durbin moves on once again. His fans helped him win the biggest night in Rocktagon history with over 26,000 votes cast. Can he make it to night number 5, or will Seether end the run?...
James Durbin vs. Maybe If You Hit It – Rocktagon
James Durbin survives another night in the Rocktagon. Tonight will mark his 3rd appearance in the Rocktagon since last Friday. Will he sweep the week, or will tonight's challenger bring his demise. Vote now, winner after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions on GBF.
The Black Keys vs. James Durbin – Rocktagon
James Durbin survived the final Rocktagon of the week, by taking down Cage The Elephant. They start off the week facing new rock from The Black Keys. Who will move on to tomorrow night? Vote then listen for the winner after 9, during Nocturnal Emissions
James Durbin vs. Cage The Elephant: Rocktagon
In Football terms, Cage the Elephant got a 'bye' last night due to the Colts game. Tonight will mark their second appearance in the Rocktagon after defeating A Day To Remember on Wednesday. The challenger tonight is new Rock from James Durbin. Listen t