Geoff Tate

Trial Over Queensryche Name Put Off Until January 2014
It looks like the legal battle for the band name Queensryche will rage on a bit longer. According to new court records, a continuance was granted, giving ousted frontman Geoff Tate and his wife Susan, who once managed the band, until January 27, 2014 to iron out the details of their case.
Queensryche VS Queensryche - Rocktagon
No, I'm not confused I got the title right!! Queensryche with Todd La Torre vs. Queensryche with frontman Geoff Tate are going head to head in the 103GBF Rocktagon! Geoff Tate left his band Queensryche and has been battling legal issue over the name. Todd La Torre took Geoff Tate's spot and they a…