Indiana State High School Fishing Championship at Patoka Lake
The Bass Federation (TBF) and FLW, the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, have partnered to present the 2015 Indiana State High School Fishing Championship on Sunday, May 31st. The tournament is open to any High School Fishing team in the entire state of Indiana.
Fishing as a Child Teaches Valuable Life Lessons
- by Jackie McCarthy
As a child I went fishing in my Granddad's lake on his farm with my family. I would start the adventure with hopes of the biggest fish! Every time my patience paid off with a small sunfish, more commonly known as a Crappie...
And Our News Reports Are About Meth Labs
Aussies get to have all the fun. They're on a continent all by themselves, no smug Canadians to bother them. And they have cool problems, that only a fraction of us have ever had to deal with.