Facebook’s New Newsfeed Prioritization Feature
So you're a 103GBF fan, but Facebook won’t let you stay up to the minute on all that’s happening? That's because they've changed the way you see things in your newsfeed. We feel your pain, and I'm gonna show you how to make sure 103GBF is your prio…
The Top 10 Movies and TV Shows of 2014 According to Facebook
It’s that time of the year, when pop culture websites and critics publish their annual Best Of lists and we heap praise on the best and most beloved movies and TV shows of the year. But what about the average moviegoer and TV-viewer? That’s where Facebook comes in. The social media sit…
How To Clean Up Your Facebook Newsfeed
It started with pictures of their meals, then it moved on to "Super Giddy Fun Time" game invites. Today they started an hourly countdown to Christmas. Lets face it, these people populate our Facebook news feed, and its time for them to go.
Your Facebook Copyright Notice Status Update Is Bogus
If you've been on Facebook over the last few days, you've probably seen that some of your friends have posted a copyright notice as their status update.
The message suggests that the poster has copyrighted all the material on their Facebook page thanks to the authority of somethin…

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