New Deaconess Clinic Express Opens Inside Meijer Store
Meijer stores are known for offering just about anything you would ever need in, clothing, sporting goods, tools and more. Well now you can add medical care to that list as Evansville's Meijer store will now include a Deaconess Clinic Express.
Deaconess Men's Health Event
And before you say anything, NO it's not 'that' kind of joint pain - I already asked. But we are talking about all of those really important joints that help you get around and do all the things you like to do. Find out what to do about joint pain this Tuesday night.
Men's Health Event Tonight
Heart disease continues to be the #1 killer of men - don't you think it's about time we did something about that? Learn how you can have a healthier heart at the next Deaconess Men's Health event TONIGHT.