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Comedy Central’s ‘Ugly Americans’ Cancelled
As Comedy Central prepares to launch the final (ish) season of 'Futurama' on June 19, we've learned another animated series of the cable network has officially gone gently into that good night. After two seasons, the animated horror-comedy 'Ugly Americans' has officially clo…
Mystery Nipple Appears During Tosh.0
When he isn't showing us videos of people barfing or getting punched in the face by boxing champs, Daniel Tosh is apparently slipping some nips during his show Tosh.0 .
Carlos Mencia Is Returning To TV
With the release of the latest Nickelback album, and that Metallica/Lou Reed disaster, it seems that 2011 couldn't end on a lower note when it comes to entertainment. Now confessed joke thief, Carlos Mencia, is getting another special on Comedy Central.
Stephen Colbert dancing, the Supercut
Stephen Colbert is a real American hero.  The satire of his show, 'The Colbert Report', is some of the best on television.  There are many over the top staples that are on display on pretty much a weekly basis:
What You’re Missing On TV
Did you catch last night's episode of Tosh.O? If not, you are in the minority. Currently Daniel Tosh's internet clip show is drawing in bigger numbers than Comedy Central juggernauts Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. And last night he proved why, by getting his face rocked!

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