America's Oldest Brewery Now Available in Indiana!
My Grandma once told me about the empty white ceramic jugs, with lighting bolts on the side, that her mother sat out by the back door next to the stairs. Her mother often placed money under them and then overnight the jugs were filled with something she wasn't allowed to touch.
Little Known Household Uses for Beer
Most of us don't think of beer as anything other than a delicious beverage!  Even the thought of pouring it anywhere than in our mouth seems sacrilegious.  But, there are some really great ways beer can come in handy around the house.
The Kansas City Star put together a list, here are …
Mike Adams’ Booze Review: Iron Maiden’s Trooper Beer
One of the most annoying aspects of reading any review, regardless if it is one about food, music or beer, is the writer always seems to be some pretentious ivy league poet that feels it necessary to impress the readers with his or her elaborate vocabulary and storytelling abilities.

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