Bar Golf

How to Pick the Perfect Bar Golf Team
Our third annual Bar Golf event sponsored by Miller Light is this Saturday, November 22nd from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Join us to play an exciting round of bar golf in the local Evansville area! Registration opens at 10 am at the west side Show-me’s location...
How Can You Win Bar Golf this Saturday? Stay in Control!
Look, we all know Bar Golf is a GREAT time, but what would happen if you spent five hours during the day drinking non-stop!? Probably nothing good. Nobody likes to deal with a sloppy drunk, especially if you’re at an event trying to have a good time...
Bar Golf! come play with us!
Our first ever Bar Golf event is happening this Saturday with Coors Light and 103GBF. I was joined in the studio by Melanie Leach, our Live Events Specialist. to talk more about this day of drinking, golf and wings.
“Bar Golf”! Tee off with us This Saturday!
103GBF and Coors Light are bringing you the most anticipated golfing event of the season!
Bar golf is HERE!
Tee off at noon on Saturday, at ShowMe’s West, then have your designated driver take you to the nine locations where you’ll play a total of 18 mini golf holes...