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New Red Band Trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’
That's My Boy is the new Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg flick in which the former and latter play father and son.  Looks predictable but I'm still a sucker for almost any Sandler film (save 'Jack and Jill') so I will see this one eventually.
Plenty of raunch so don't even…
SNL was pretty good
Justin Timberlake teamed up with Andy Samberg on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" season finale for another Digital Short. The duo reprised their much-loved Color Me Badd satire, following up 2008's "D**k in a Box" and 2009's "Motherlover" with a slow jam called &qu…
Bert the interviewer
No longer content with just being Ernie's uptight foil, Bert is now a talk show host.
In the maiden episode of 'Conversations with Bert,' the Muppet sits down with funnyman Andy Samberg for a discussion that touches on 'Harry Potter,' imaginary jet packs and other topics.
The Lonely Island Is Back! [Video]
The boys from The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schafferare) back with a new album titled Turtleneck & Chain, which will be released on Tuesday, May 10th. This masterpiece will feature the talents of some of your favorite Beck, Snoop Dogg, Justin Ti…