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Evanescence Frontwoman Amy Lee Reveals Pregnancy
When Amy Lee announced in late 2012 that Evanescence would go on hiatus, her fans wondered what her next project would be. Now, we know the biggest one of all, as the singer has revealed in a new tweet to fans that she's pregnant with her first child!
Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Reportedly Suing Record Label
Evanescence singer Amy Lee is reportedly suing Wind-Up Records for more than $1 million over unpaid royalties and other allegations, according to TMZ. Lee apparently claims that Wind-Up attempted to sabotage Evanescence by appointing the band under-qualified promoters who lacked useful ideas.
Evanescence Tops The Billboard 200
Evanescence has been on our site quite a bit lately. We found out recently that Amy Lee was voted the Hottest Chick in Hard Rock...we showed you a couple live performances...and they've got a great new song, 'What You Want' from their new self-titled album.