Tom Thum Astounds Audience at TEDxSyndey
If you are unaware as to exactly what "TED Talks" are, let me inform you: TED Talks are AMAZING. The TED Talks slogan is "ideas worth spreading" which roughly translates to (in my book) 'anything you hear at TED Talks will BLOW your FRICKEN. MIND.' They are informative, fascinati…
Basketball Vs. Frisbee in a Trick Shot Battle
I am always impressed by the different trick shot videos out there, whether it's with a football, basketball, frisbee, etc. But I must admit that the cynic in me still has a hard time believing that it's all legit.
Most Amazing Pole Dance You’ve Seen Today
The amount of strength and control this young lady displays really is amazing. And despite the fact that there is a horrendous song playing the background, she puts on one sexy show. And it looks like she could probably kick your out-of-shape ass if you have anything negative to say.