Its Fail Friday!
We actually wanted to do the 'Beat the Hell out of a Car' promotion at my college station. They wouldn't let us do it. Now I know why.
Firework Fail Or Epic Win? [VIDEO]
Now let me start with a disclaimer. Just cause some guy on the radio says this stuff is sort of funny, doesn't mean you should do it. So if you somehow light your rectum on fire, T-Rav is not at fault. However, these are pretty funny. Enjoy some good firework fails (or, wins...
4 Extremely Sad Videos Of Booze Being Demolished
There's something deeply satisfying about watching a ton of bottles breaking at the same time, especially when they are filled with expensive booze. Here are some videos of massive disasters, inspired by this week's surveillance camera footage of a crazy lady knocking dozens of bottles onto the floo…