You read that right, the historic home that was hit by a truck has now been hit by an SUV that hit the truck that hit the house. Clear as mud, right?

Photo by Kirk Wright
Photo by Kirk Wright

Downtown Evansville is home to a lot of historic houses, which are beautiful to look at. Unfortunately one historic house has had a rough go lately. You may remember on May 25th Evansville watch posted this updated:

Vehicle has hit a building- partial collapse
EFD en route: Full line up
EFD is requesting someone from the Building Commission: 3 story structure partial collapse front side

The post was about a truck hitting a historic building. That truck has since been in the building as I'm sure since it's historic there's more to it than just being able to back the truck out. As of this morning EvansvilleWatch posted a pretty shocking update, an SUV has now hit the truck that's stuck in the building!



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