With the news of the cancellation of the 99th Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, many of us are mourning the loss of our favorite deep-fried treasures found along Franklin Street but many area nonprofits are now left with a large hole in their fundraising efforts.

The Fall Festival is an annual tradition in the Tri-state and for those of us here at Townsquare media, Fall Festival has always been about helping raise awareness for those nonprofits that line the street the first full week of October every year. For many of them, Fall Festival is the biggest source of income for their organizations to carry out their missions all year long. That got us thinking, what could we do to help these organizations?

We want to feature these nonprofits on our website with details on how the community can donate to their organizations. If you would like for your nonprofit to be include on the website to share with our listeners, please complete the form below.

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