It's often said that you shouldn't meet your heroes, because you may end up disappointed. While meeting members of the Jackass crew is likely already a bucket list goal for many, Steve-O has revealed the two meanest rock stars he's ever met.

One of Steve-O's recent guests on his Steve-O's Wild Ride! podcast was none other than fellow Jackass member Chris Pontius, and the two sat down to talk about the nicest and meanest celebrities they've come across. While Steve-O had pleasant encounters with high-profile celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, there were a couple that he considered less than friendly.

"I mean dude, I'm always annoying, or at least I was really annoying, and I remember Kid Rock was with Pamela Anderson in like 2001," Steve-O recalled. "And I was like, 'Yo dude, alright man let me show you this trick.' And I'm like balancing the cup and I'm trying to lay down, and he just fuckin' kicked me. He just straight kicked me and knocked the cup off my head. Ruined my trick."

Apparently, they had a better time together in 2007. See a picture of the two smiling below.

He later described "the trick" as an attempt to balance a cup on his head, and then drink it without touching it with his hands. He also added that a lot of people weren't fans of said trick, including Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell. Steve-O didn't necessarily conclude that Farrell was mean about it, but admitted that another A-list musician was.

"Prince was a super jerk to me," the stuntman stated, adding that he tried to show him "the trick" as well.

"So I'm doing my trick, and I had this model girlfriend, and he turns to my model girlfriend and is like, 'Does this impress you?' He said it in a real condescending, dick way," he remembered. "And my model girlfriend said, 'Yeah, it's actually pretty impressive, you should check it out.'"

Watch the full episode clip below.

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