Always looking to raise the bar, Steel Panther are reaching out to fans for some higher learning in their new educational web series ‘Science Panther’. Hosted by guitarist Satchel and bassist Lexxi Foxx, the two rockers take on pressing fan submitted questions, offering up their most scientific responses.

From educating fans on the details behind black holes and how many stars are in the universe to making crystal meth and the accuracy behind the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’, the Panthers dig deep, sharing their answers to these nagging questions and more.

Foxx took on the complex issue of time travel where he shared a real world experience of flying to Australia for a gig, concluding in the most scientific of manners that time travel “works with jets".

The two rockers breezed through their first lesson with ease, almost so easy that Foxx insisted that Satchel may have “ESPN". Watch the hilarious clip above.

Move over Bill Nye the Science Guy, there are two new scientists in town!