If a weekend on the water is something you and your family are looking to do this summer, you have to check out Hales Bar Marina and Resort in the mountains of Guild, Tennessee.

It's located on Lake Nickajack on the Tennesse River. Hales Bar Marina is less than half an hour from Chattanooga and two hours from Nashville. While there, you can rent boats, go camping at their RV Park, and even stay in cabins that are actually floating on Lake Nickajack!

Sounds pretty awesome to me. Oh, and if you're into the paranormal kind of thing, Hales Bar Marina and Resort is located where the Hales Bar Dam used to be. Legend has it the dam was built on what was once sacred Native American land. The dam was in use from 1913 through 1967. Due to the number of deaths during construction, the dam is actually considered the most haunted location in Tennessee.

Don't worry though, visitors shouldn't have to worry about seeing any ghosts since all of the cabins were constructed specifically for the resort....unless they wanted to take a tour of the old dam.

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I know that I want to make it a point to stay at Hales Bar Marina just to stay in the floating cabins and soak in the scenery. Check out the views at Hales Bar Marina.

Hales Bar Marina & Resort- Floating Cabins and Haunted Past


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