This drink looks magical. But you have to get it before it's gone in a flash!

Move over Unicorn Frap, The Crystal Ball Frappuccino is here.

Starbucks' latest creation is made with hints of peach, vanilla, whipped cream, and rock candy. So, another colorful fruity milkshake, like the Unicorn Frap, that is just as aesthetically pleasing to millennials.

And it's only going to be available for 4 days, starting tomorrow, March 22nd.

So get ready for your instagram feed to blow up with photos of this thing.

Side Note: I'm pretty sure the Unicorn Frap was supposed to only last a few days as well, but it go so popular that they just continued to make it for a few weeks until they ran out of ingredients. So if this drink becomes just as popular, we might see it on the menu for a hot second longer. But for right now, the official countdown is just 4 days.

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