It's time to do the Time Warp...AGAIN!

You've been waiting all year in antici.....









....pation, and it's finally here! The 3rd annual STAGEtwo production of The Rocky Horror Show!

You know the story. Two innocent love birds from Denton, Ohio, Brad Majors (a**hole) and Janet Weiss (slut) get into some car trouble and find themselves at the home of Dr. Frankenfurter, a sweet transvestite from the planet Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania, and things just get crazier from there. You know, a typical Tuesday night.

This is a show. This isn't a shadow cast that performs in front of a big screen showing the movie. Oh no. This is an actual live action musical of the show with a live band this year.

But just because it isn't the movie, doesn't mean you still can't yell things at the cast. I mean, what's that point of watching Rocky Horror and NOT being able to yell stuff? It takes the fun right out of it.


Things to note about the show:

-Feel free to come in costume! (But no masks, please)

-There will be a beer and wine bar.

-Just because there's alcohol doesn't mean this is an over 21 show. But they do ask that a parent be present with anyone under the age of 15. (You know what kind of show this is...)

-"Participation props" will be available for purchase at the show. Please do not bring your own!

-Have fun.



The shows times are:

Friday, October 27th at 7:30p
Saturday, October 28th at 7:30p
Saturday, October 28th at MIDNIGHT
(That's right, there's a midnight show. With alcohol. It's gonna get crazy!)


at Studio 321
321 N. Congress Ave

Ticket price: $12

There are a limited number of seats so order yours NOW. Don't wait until the day of the show. There might not be seats then.

You can get tickets by messaging STAGEtwo on Facebook, or by calling 812-430-8235



Oh, and did I forget to mention that I'm in the show?

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall

Say hello to Magenta (Hello Magenta!)


And I hope to see you there so we can take that jump....TO THE LEFT!

...and then a step to the right.

...and then put our hands on our hips.

...and bring our knees in tight.

But let's be honest, it's the pelvic thrust that really drives us insane.

So come on out and LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!!

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