Just last week, industrial rock vets Stabbing Westward made their long awaited return with the Dead and Gone EP, marking their first significant release since 2001's self-titled fourth studio album. But according to singer Christopher Hall, the three brand new songs on the set are just the start of plenty more to come.

Speaking with KCAL 96.7's Wired in the Empire host RadioActive Mike Z, Hall revealed that a series of EPs are in the works for the remainder of 2020. “The idea is to do three EPs, three songs each, do some remixes and have some cool cuts or bonus material on each and then at the end of the year we’re gonna release all three EPs and a fourth EP worth of material and make a finished album and do like a cool colored vinyl release of some sort,” explains Hall.

The seeds of bringing back Stabbing Westward were sewn back in 2016 when Hall and Stabbing Westward keyboardist Walter Flakus carried over working together in The Dreaming to doing some Stabbing Westward dates to mark the group's 30th anniversary. The two were inspired to start writing material and felt the desire to do so outside of the construct of The Dreaming.

But, as Hall reveals, it's been more of a DIY operation and that combined with the life responsibilities of each of the members has made the turnaround more time consuming.

“With Walter running a radio station in Seattle, he just moved from Chicago and he just got that going and I’ve got two kids and a dog and a house and a family and Carlton is on tour with either Orgy or Berlin all the time and our drummer is running a drum school for kids out in La Habra. So everyone is just busy with life and it’s not like the old days where our full time job was to just go into the studio and write music. Just getting it finished was the hard part, so we just decided to put out the EP, so then we just had to focus on three songs,” says Hall, who feels relief that the music is now out there to share.

He adds, “It’s pretty cool that they call it an album release because it really is a ‘release’ [for us]. It’s been two or three years we’ve been working on this stuff and we can finally let people hear it and not worry about the mix or changing a guitar part. It’s done. It’s officially done.”

Stabbing Westward's biggest chunk of fame came mostly prior to the explosion of streaming and finding music via the Internet. That's led to a shift in thinking on how they'll release their music. Watching "Dead & Gone" take off this past week, Hall says, “I think the weird part for me is the amount of hours that go into it, and then once you hit midnight on Thursday night and everyone got it and you start seeing the comments come in, you just realize that it’s over so quick." He continues, "You put out the music, people listen to it so quick and they consume it and then they’re like, ‘More, more, we want more.’ I think that’s why we’re doing it as three EPs instead of one album because I realize that if we had released 10 songs, they would have consumed them in an hour and been like, ‘More, give us some more songs.’ So this way we can spread out the excitement over the course of the year and have time to finish the songs as we go.”

The singer also reveals that it allows the band to introduce new music into their sets sparingly and let their audience sit with the material before being inundated with a bunch of songs live they don't know yet.

In addition to Hall and Flakus, the current Stabbing Westward lineup includes The Dreaming's Carlton Boss on bass and drummer Bobby Amaro behind the kit. Keep an ear out for more new Stabbing Westward music coming in 2020 and check out singer Christopher Hall's full chat with RadioActive Mike Z below.

Hear Stabbing Westward's Christopher Hall Speaking With KCAL 96.7's RadioActive Mike Z.

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