You must make your St. Paddy's Day fun include green jello shots! Personally, I am a red jello shot person but it's St. Patrick's Day and everything you do involves the color green!! I hate getting pinched!

Here are a couple jello shot recipes for your plans, what ever you may be doing on St. Patrick's Day include these in your plan! Make sure you get a good quality of cup to put them in. If you really want to go all out get the syringes to make your jello shots in.

Fast Eddy's Facebook / Chelsea and Jello shots
Fast Eddy's Facebook / Chelsea and Jello shots

1 cup of Sour Apple pucker schnapps 1 package of green apple Jell-o 1 cup of boiling water

Mix boiling water and jell-o must allow jell-o to dissolve, add your chilled schnapps and stir well. Pour into little cups, put in the fridge for several hours until the jell-o sets.
A box of Lime and Lemon Jell-o
1/2 cup of Irish Whiskey
2 cups boiling water
1/2 cup of cold water
As before dissolve Jell-o in boiling water. Add your cold water and whiskey stir it up, then pour it in your container that you desire pop them in the fridge until jello is set.
1 large box of lime Jell-o
10oz of Absolute Citron
4oz. blue curacao
2oz of lime juice
Pour Jell-o into boiling water dissolve, allow to cool then stir in your Absolute Citron, Blue Cruacao and lime juice and stir it up. Then pour into shot container and stick 'em in the fridge until jello is set.
Don't forget to put the ingredients on your shopping list, St. Patrick's Day is March 17th - exactly 2 weeks away!
Make sure you let me know how these turn out!!!!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!


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