The St. Louis Zoo is making history in a HUGE way.  Last week they welcomed a brand new baby elephant.  This wasn't just any elephant though, he is the first one of his kind born at the zoo.

The baby elephant's father is 27-year-old, Raja.   Raja is the very first Asian elephant born in the St. Louis Zoo in 1992.

This baby comes from a line of elephants on momma's side that has ten members.  Mother, Rani family has three generations according to; that includes her newborn, Ellie (her mother), Maliha, Jade (her daughter), Priya, Donna, Sri, Pear, and Raja, all of whom live at the zoo’s River’s Edge and Elephant Woods habitats.

Mother and baby are not able to be viewed by the public just yet.  Just as it is with humans and their newborns it is super important for them to have private bonding time.

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