Tis the season for pop up spooky shops!

We're no strangers to pop up Halloween shops around the Tri-State, but I've always wished we could get a Spirit Halloween since they're one of the biggest pop up chains, and I'm obsessed with basically anything Halloween.  To be completely honest, this year I was hoping we'd get one because I saw online they have their own line of Hocus Pocus decorations and well, I'm a sucker for everyone's favorite witches. So last night when I was driving and saw this, I literally gasped out loud.


We DO have a Spirit Halloween this year!  Have we had one before?  I don't remember seeing a Spirit Halloween in Evansville, but it's possible a few years ago we had one and I missed it. I do know in recent years we haven't had one.

It's located inside the old Babies R Us inside the Target Pavilion on Evansville's East side.

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