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Most of us grew up with Nerf guns, and more than likely found ourselves either starting or engaging in a number of no-holds-barred Nerf Wars with our siblings, our friends, our sibling's friends, or some combination of all three. And, the fun doesn't end when you get older. Once my kids were old enough to have them, it was a perfect excuse for me to let my inner child out and "unleash hell" in the form of foam darts flying across the room. Of course, at some point, things inevitably get out of hand, and someone shoots someone else in the face at point-blank range. Tears are shed or an actual fight breaks out and the Nerf War is officially over. While no one is getting their eye shot out, and no fistfights are being started, one southern Indiana police department asked teenagers in their town to "be considerate" while participating in what is apparently a city-wide Nerf war.

Greeendale, Indiana Police Issue Statement After Nerf Wars Cause Disturbances

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The town of Greendale, Indiana sits about 30 minutes west of Cincinnati right on the Indiana-Ohio border. Earlier this month, a few Nerf wars broke out across the city and the surrounding county (which I can't lie, sounds pretty awesome). It was good, old-fashioned, harmless fun until a few people took things a bit too far in an attempt to get the jump on their enemies. The problems got to a point where residents were starting to report them to the police, which prompted the department to make the following statement, and reminder, on their Facebook page:

<p style="text-align: left;">With the current NERF WARS happening with the high school students right now in the city of Greendale and other surrounding areas in Dearborn County, Indiana. We would like to remind ALL participants to be considerate of our residents and their property. Our department has been receiving multiple calls per day about teenagers speeding in their vehicles, disrupting traffic, trespassing on homeowners’ properties, and being a disturbance to the community.</p><p style="text-align: left;">While we encourage the youth to have some fun, we would prefer that they do it in a manner that isn’t going to result in a life changing event for them or their family. Parents, please talk to your kids about being safe and respectful while out participating in the NERF WARS. In addition, The Greendale Police Department will do our part to protect and serve all citizens and enforce criminal and traffic laws. Our Officers will be watching and responding appropriately to every situation.</p>
They'll be watching. (Canva)

It seems that not all the town's residents have an issue with the game based on the comments on the Department's post.

Kelly Kemper commented saying, "kids are having a blast with this! I’m jealous. I want an adult nerf war !!!!!!!!" (Same, Kelly, same.)

While Laura Hummel seemed to go as far as to call out those who have an issue with the kids playing saying, "Dear is not a stupid activity! It is a fun time for the kids! They have a blast and I love seeing it...hell I even participated in a way by helping be a lookout for my kid and helped them get away when almost ambushed! Let them be kids and have fun! My youngest didn't get on a team this yr but cracks up watching them! I barely have a yard and could care less if they run through mine with their nerf guns😂 have fun kids!!"

I'm will Kelly and Laura, let the kids have their fun. As long as no one gets seriously injured, where's the harm? Oh, they stepped into your precious yard while trying to dodge a few foam darts or get an advantage on their opponent? Your grass will grow back, Karen. Chill out.

[Source: Greendale Police Department on Facebook]

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