A large donation from the City of Evansville was the push needed to help organizers bring their financial goals to fruition, ensuring the city will be the new home of a concrete skatepark. known as Sunset Skatepark

Earlier this year, a GoFundMe was started in hopes of raising $50,000 with the goal being that every dollar raised would be matched by a grant,  Organizers have also hosted a number of other fundraisers in 2021 including the sale of t-shirts.

Now, thanks to a number of generous donations, grants and that fundraising, along with a generous donation of $650,000 from the City of Evansville, the Sunset Skatepark will be a reality.

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We are so excited to announce that the city of Evansville has approved a $650,000 contribution to Sunset Skatepark. We have now raised more than $800,000 with support from the skate and bike community fundraisers, community partners, and grants from our friends at Vectren, The Skatepark Project, and most recently, the Welborn Foundation. We are so thankful to the city of Evansville, the mayors office and city council for seeing the importance of this quality-of-place project that will be used by many for years to come!!

Organizers say that the park is in the final design planning stages, saying we can expect the park to be completed by the second quarter of 2022. The idea and plans for Sunset Skatepark have come to fruition over the last five years as over 400 skateboarders, skaters and BMX bikers spanning multiple generations have come together to brainstorm, fundraise and otherwise layout plans to bring this park into reality.

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