The PlayStation Mobile initiative hasn't been the most successful endeavor for Sony, to the point where we didn't remember it was a thing as we wrote this, so the news that they've elected to ditch the program comes as no surprise.

Sony has officially announced that PlayStation Mobile for Android devices will be completely discontinued, with newer phones and Android updates incapable of fully functioning PlayStation Mobile features.

According to a report from The Verge, only PlayStation Certified devices running Android 4.4.2 and below will be compatible with PlayStation Mobile, but Android 4.4.3 and up may have some operational issues like games not playing correctly. The new Android L refresh coming soon will be unable to access PlayStation Mobile at all.

We admit we haven't even thought about PlayStation Mobile since the last time it was announced at a trade show, so we don't even know what's being lost let along why we should be sad about it. When we think Sony, we think PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita right now and nothing more. Perhaps in the future Sony will come out with a PlayStation Phone, but for now there's no more mobile in PlayStation's future, and we're completely okay with that.

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