Some major Rick and Morty fan just paid a hefty amount just to get his hands on some of that sweet Mulan McNugget sauce...



Rick and Morty season 3 premiered with an episode that was really focused on McDonald's Szechuan sauce that they had in 1998 after the Disney movie Mulan came out.



Now, for the first time in about 20 years, everyone is obsessed with the Szechaun sauce thanks to Rick and Morty. So much so, that when a guy recently bought a used car and went to clean it out, he found an unopened packet of Szechuan sauce between the seats and thought "Huh..I wonder if this worth anything?" Little did he know that thanks to some crazy rich Rick and Morty fan out there, he was about to hit the jackpot.


He posted the sauce on Ebay and it ended up selling for $14,700


Now THAT is a die-hard fan.


Personally, even if I DID have that kind of money, I wouldn't have bought the sauce. I mean, you can't DO anything with it. You can't eat it. It's 20 years old! Unopened or not, I don't trust 20 year old food. This person essentially just spent almost $15,000 for bragging rights.


Whatever floats your Szechuan boat, man.



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