Can you believe it's been 2 years since the solar eclipse of 2017?  Don't worry you can experience it again in a few years! 

Sun eclipse

Two years ago this week (August 21st to be exact)  the Tri-State was not far from the path of totality for the solar eclipse, and we still got a pretty good show. However in 5 years we will be directly in the path of totality and according to it never too soon to start planning for the next big eclipse!

A study from University of Michigan found that about 88% of American adults viewed the solar eclipse in 2017 either directly or digitally.  The reason the 2017 eclipse was such a huge deal is because it was the first eclipse in nearly a century to cross the entire contiguous  US.   The 2024 eclipse won't be coast to coast like that last one, but good news is, the part of the U.S. it does pass through is right through the Tri-State! So we will be int he path of totality this time meaning, it's gonna get really dark!

Now you may remember in 2017 as the eclipse got closer, it was harder to find eclipse glasses so make sure to get those ahead of time! It also was interesting to see that in Evansville hotels in the area were filled, and Air Bnb's were going like hot cakes, so just a heads up that if you are looking forward to the 2024 eclipse maybe start planning ahead.  Click here to see all the info on the upcoming eclipse from!


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