Earlier this morning, one woman got more than she bargained for when she tried to get gas on the west side of Evansville.

Pumping gas is a pretty instinctive routine. It's something we do so often that we don't stop to really pay attention to what we are doing. However, Angie Parmley had a close call this morning that I am sure she never would have imagined would happen while trying to fill up her gas tank.

Angie says that she stopped by Thornton's on the west side of Evansville this morning to get gas. Everything was normal. She said that there was a car in front of her pumping gas, so she waited patiently for her turn. When she pulled up, she went inside to prepay for gas. Then, she went back outside to fill up her tank. That's when things went from normal to (pardon my language here) OH HELL NO!

She pumped her gas as normal, but it wasn't until she went to hang the nozzle up on the tank that she noticed there was a snake curled up where you hang the nozzle. I don't know if you caught that...I said THERE WAS A SNAKE IN THE GAS PUMP!

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Now listen, I'm not afraid of ANYTHING...except snakes. I couldn't imagine being in Angie's shoes this morning. I'm not sure how I would have reacted, but I know that it would have been embarrassing for me. However, I do know is that had I have seen that nope rope winking me in the face pumping gas like that, I know for a fact I'd never pump gas again. In fact, I am now nervous to go put gas in my take after work. Anyway...

I'm sure Angie handled this way better than I would have. A guy named Jake was there to safely remove the snake from the gas tank and safely relocate it. Jake, you're the real hero here...and way braver than me! I'm not ashamed to admit it. You can see the snake being removed from the gas pump in the post below.

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