In what I consider the greatest crime against rock music (Steven Tyler in drag on American Idol doesn't count), Billy Corgan is now doing local TV ads. 

If they're not screaming at you to buy something, there is the terrible acting that makes porn stars look like Oscar nominees. They'll make you laugh, they might make you cry, or they'll make you happy for that "fast-forward" button on your DVR. But some local ads are like a bad car wreck, you just can't look away.

Apparently the Smashing Pumpkins don't have a stacked schedule, so vocalist Billy Corgan has decided to take part in a local ad. The commercial is for a furniture store in Chicago. It features musical chairs, wrestlers, and a someone who is just there for the paycheck. How does any of that sell furniture? Well check out the video below.

My personal opinion, the store totally missed out on the chance of using an great vocalist to create the next Montgomery Flea Market commercial. What a waste.

Which rocker would you love to see in an ad? What would they be selling? Hopefully not credit reports (I'm looking at you Bret Michaels).