The 2008 fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood is a hot topic in the music industry at the moment, thanks to several new reports detailing the damage that was caused. Among the hundreds of artists who lost music in the fire are Smash Mouth, who say the loss of music "can't compare" to other damage caused by fires.

This is quite a different viewpoint than that of many other artists who have commented on the news, some of whom have chosen to take legal action against Universal.

“Uncontrolled fire is always devastating and sometimes the loss is unsurmountable,” Smash Mouth told Spin.  “Our loss can’t compare to the thousands of people who lost their homes, pets, memories and even loved ones over the past few years in the devastating fires in California, both in Southern California and Northern California. Those images are etched in our brains and it is their loss that really weighs heavily on our hearts.”

The wildfire season of 2018 was the worst in California's history, with over a million acres of land affected and over 100 reported fatalities.

The New York Times brought the damages caused by the fire to light in a report earlier this month, estimating that over 500,000 recordings were lost. Among the artists whose music was destroyed are Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Soundgarden and more.

Soundgarden, Hole and Tom Petty's ex-wife among others have come together to file a lawsuit against Universal over the losses.

60 Rock + Metal Artists Who Lost Music in Universal Fire

60 Rock + Metal Artists Who Lost Music in the Universal Fire

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