The popular Superman prequel series Smallville ended its run after ten seasons and more than 210 episodes back in 2011. Since then, it’s been continued in a comic book that presented the adventures of Clark Kent during the never-made “Smallville: Season 11,” and in an appearance by two of the show’s stars, Tom Welling (Clark) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane), during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover throughout the Arrowverse.

Smallville fans still ask for more stuff from the series, even though it’s been over for over a decade. It seems Welling is right there with them. In a recent Cameo video, Welling revealed that he and Michael Rosenbaum — AKA Smallville’s Lex Luthor — are “working on an animated series to bring those characters back to life and use as many of the original cast members as possible.” He also joked that the person receiving the Cameo, which anyone can watch, needed to keep the news quiet.


If you missed it, here was Welling and Durance’s appearance during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover: (Supposedly, Rosenbaum was offered a role too, but he turned it down.)

Welling gave no additional details on the animated show. It’s not clear who the Smallville animated series may be for, though HBO Max, which is now the new streaming home for all things DC movies and TV, would make a pretty safe bet. Who knows how far along the process is or when we’ll ever get to see it. You could always pay Tom Welling $350 for your own Cameo, and see if he spills any more details.

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