Slipknot have already been touring this year, but their Nov. 5 performance in Los Angeles will be the first time they play a headlining show at a stadium in their career. Frontman Corey Taylor says they have some "cool surprises" planned to commemorate the milestone.

The concert is part of their Knotfest Roadshow, which also features performances from Bring Me the Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Code Orange, some of the members' sons' band Vended and Taylor's wife Alicia Taylor's dance group Cherry Bombs. The event will take place at the Bank of California Stadium.

"The cool thing is that we really worked on a pretty fucking killer set to put together, which we kind of pieced together over some rehearsals, just kind of trial and error, putting the show together and really got it locked tight," Taylor said during a Knotfest chat with Ryan J. Downey and BMTH's Oli Sykes.

"We've got some cool surprises ready for Knotfest L.A. Just for the fact that our career's kind of been leading towards this now. And the fact that we have such a stacked lineup," he continued. "So that's what I'm most stoked about — not just our show, but just the fact that we're putting something on as a testimony to the music we love, the fans that we love to play for, and just hopefully the start of something massive in the future."

Watch the full conversation below.

The day after their first headlining stadium concert, it'll be available as a livestream — which will technically serve as their first livestream event. Then, they're heading down to South America in December to continue the run. See all of the dates here.

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