Ski Citrus Soda has made a huge announcement. If you're a fan of Ski, and a fan of beers, you'll love this! 

Photo by Chelsea Sagez
Photo by Chelsea Sagez

Ski Citrus Soda is a Tri-State staple. Some have even nicknamed Ski "west side water"  even though, I think that nickname works for the whole Tri-State! Ski is known for their signature lemon/orange citrus soda, but now they're taking their citrus love and adding it to beer. Which is brilliant, because I think nothing goes better than citrus and beer!

So meet Brewski! Brewski is everything you love about drinking Ski, and everything you love about drinking beer combined into a delicious pairing.  They have three flavors lined up, Brewski Classic Pilsner, Brewski All American Pale Ale, and the one we've all been waiting for, the Brewski Ski Infused Ale!

Brewski hasn't hit the shelves just yet, and there isn't a release date on social media. However they have said it's "coming soon."



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