A lot of Slipknot fans are probably familiar with — and likely envious of — The House of Masks, which features the largest collection of Slipknot masks in the world and other memorabilia from their career. Sid Wilson took a trip to see it himself, and was completely blown away.

The fan who runs The House of Masks is AJ Good, and he frequently uploads new videos on his YouTube channel unboxing the new masks he acquires. He has multiple masks for every member from every album cycle and beyond — he even has pieces from musicians who served brief stints in the band, such as Cuddles and Brandon Darner, who both served as "No. 3" in the late '90s before Chris Fehn joined.

A few days ago, Good uploaded a video of Wilson taking a tour of The House of Masks, which makes him the first member of Slipknot to see it in person. As the artist looked around the room at all of the pieces, he told some of the stories behind them, including the reason he has "must kill" tattooed across his fingers, which is because Cuddles used to write it on his hands for him before every show while he was still in the band.

"We've always said Slipknot is like a culture. It's bigger than just the band," Wilson explained of all of the costumes and masks they've cycled through over the years. "There's been bands doing masks and theatrical-type stuff, you can even throw Devo into that category, right? So it's like, it's just cool to see where it's at today."

Funny enough, Wilson admitted he's never sat and counted just how many masks he's had over the years, though he said he still has all of the "main stage" ones he's used. He referenced one of The House of Masks' older videos, which at that point contained over 80 Wilson masks, and thus now has even more.

"Even I didn't know that, I was thinking maybe 50 or something," he said.

Check out the video below.

Slipknot are currently wrapping up their 2022 touring in Mexico and South America. They have a festival performance in March in Indonesia and then will take their Knotfest Roadshow to Australia shortly after. See all of the upcoming dates on their website.

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