When is too soon to say "I do" to some relationship ink?

Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live is now dating Ariana Grande. And I don't know how THAT happened, but to each their own.

But the thing that kind of bothers me is that they've only been dating for a hot minute (AKA: A few weeks or so) and Pete just got, not one, but TWO Ariana Grande tattoos. He got her bunny ears behind his ear, and her initials on his thumb.


I know some people feel so in love that they feel like the most romantic way to commemorate their love is to get a tattoo. BUT IT'S BEEN LESS THAN A MONTH.

What happens when you break up? She's on you FOREVER. I mean, I know you can get stuff laser removed now, but that's more money than you probably anticipated to spend on a relationship AFTER the relationship has ended. Or, if you don't get it removed, it just sits there as a constant reminder of what you used to have. I feel like that would be kind of depressing...

So when is too soon to get a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend (name/face/symbol/date)? Or should you wait until you're married? Or should you just not get one at all?

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