Just about everything can be found on Craigslist. Its the internet equivalent of the newspaper classifieds, complete with weird listings.The website has also been the drawing a new type of customer. People looking for their stolen goods.

A Colorado woman had her bike stolen, while she was inside a nearby sports bar. She reported the theft to police, but decided to do her own investigation. While looking over listings on Craiglist, Kathryn Lucas found her bike for sale.

She recognized tape on the handlebars, a rear-wheel bumper, and cup holder. She arranged to meet with the person selling the bike. When she came to 'purchase' the bike, she decided to take it on a extended test drive. Where she wound up throwing the bike in the trunk of her car, and contacting police to let them know what happened.

Most recently, an Evansville man found his home for rent on the website. He didn't list it. A man from a foreign country was posing as the home owner, and asking possible tenants to send him money.