Over the past several weeks, we have been holding photo shoots for the 2013 103GBF Hometown Honeys Calendar.  All the photography being done by Don Swain at WCCG Photography.  See some of the models test shots on Don's page here.

We have 3 more girls to shoot, and then I believe we've found a printer who will crank out the masterpiece of hot, local girls...and all 12 months of the calendar year too.

We have had lots of help from businesses and individuals who have provided us with locations and props to use during the photo shoots.

One I would like to thank for sure is the very first location at which we shot Reisinger Custom Rebuilding at 5001 New Harmony Road.

This is not your standard garage. These folks work on the coolest of cars, often turning junk into a treasure.

I created a photo gallery of some of the cars they have customized as well as a test shot or two for the calendar that we shot at Reisinger Custom Rebuilding.

Find them on Facebook here, and on the web here.

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