At present, Marvel has at least eight different television series in development as part of their ambitious Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe. Some, like WandaVision, are already shot and due on Disney+ in a matter of months. Others, like the animated What If...? are still in production. And the last couple have yet to leave the planning stage.

Of all those shows, the one I’m most excited to see is She-Hulk, who’s been the subject of some of the better Marvel comics of recent years. The show would be, if it is faithful to the comics, the series would be a mix of superhero adventure and legal drama. In order to work, the show will need a great actress as She-Hulk and her alter ego, Jennifer Walters, and it looks like Marvel has found one.

Deadline reports that Tatiana Maslany has been cast in the title role of Disney+’s She-Hulk. Maslany is best known as the star of the critically acclaimed BBC series Orphan Black; she also recently appeared on the first season of HBO’s Perry Mason. The She-Hulk show is about...

The last major character to be co-created by Stan Lee, She-Hulk is Jennifer Walters, an attorney and cousin of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. An emergency blood transfusion from her cousin gives Walters her powers, but unlike Banner/Hulk, She-Hulk was able to keep her intelligence and personality when she Hulked out.

Jessica Gao is She-Hulk’s producer and showrunner; Kat Coiro will direct the pilot.

While She-Hulk will get a spotlight on this show, Maslany could play a major role in the future of the MCU. She-Hulk has served as an Avenger and as a member of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Comics, so the odds that she could jump, with one of those signature Hulk leaps, from She-Hulk to the big screen are very high.

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