One of my favorite weeks of the year is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!!! This week starts Shark Week 2013! YAY!!!!!!!! I'm super pumped!

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Shark week first started in 1987 a week long of nothing but sharks! If you haven't seen any episodes from shark week you need to watch it! It is so interesting and awesome!!

Here is the line up for this week with some amazing shows on the discovery channel for shark week:

Shark After Dark - Tonight at 10p Central

Air Jaws: Countdown to Shark Week 2013 - Tonight at 7p Central

MEGALODON: The Monster Shark Lives - Tonight at 8p Central

RETURN OF JAWS -   Monday 8p Central

VOODOO SHARKS -  Monday 9p Central

I ESCAPED JAWS - Tuesday 8p Central

SPAWN OF JAWS - Tuesday 9p Central

TOP 10 SHARKDOWN - Wednesday 8p Central

GREAT WHITE SERIAL KILLER - Wednesday 9p Central

SHARKPOCALYPSE - Thursday 8p Central

ALIEN SHARKS OF THE DEEP - Thursday 9p Central

GREAT WHITE GAUNTLET - Friday 7p Central

You can check out Discovery Channel's Shark week site here.

 My all time favorite shark week show was from 2011 Shark City , FYI it is on Netflix in case you want to check it out! So good!!!!!!!

Happy Shark Week!!!!

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