Whether you like it extra buttery, flavored or plain, almost everybody has a favorite kind of popcorn. The very best popcorn has very deep Indiana roots - Princeton, IN to be exact.

Growing up in Princeton, I always thought that Orville Redenbacher was from Princeton or at least Gibson County. He was actually born in Brazil, IN. and went to Purdue University before moving to Princeton. He began selling popcorn when he was only 12 years-old.

I also remember stories of Redenbacher getting fired from Princeton Farms, and there was some sort of scandal. Now, given my strange childhood memories, I wondered if I just dreamed this up, or if it really happened.

According to Orville's grandson, Kevin Fish, Orville deposited a check from a farm tenant into his own personal account. After that, the owners of Princeton Farms asked him to resign or be fired. Either way, it was for the best. After that,  Orville Redenbacher became the famous popcorn brand that we know and love.


Princeton's Mayor, Greg Wright, has compiled some of the best historical photographs of Princeton in a really cool book.

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